Southland Soccer League Rules

Southland Soccer League Rules

U8-U10 will play 6V6                 U11-U14 will play 8V8                     U15 and up will play 7V7

Parents & Spectators are not allowed onto the fields.  Anything that is green turf is forbidden by all other than coaches, officials, and players.  Any team that violates this will be required to forfeit their match.  Please respect the flow of traffic which helps keep the tournament running on time.

Age Groups

USYSA & US Club Soccer.  We use the calendar year method – single birth years.

Clock runs on a loop and will not stop.

Foul when time expires: In the event of a foul & the clock runs out the free kick or penalty will still be taken even though the buzzer went off. The referee has the final decision in this matter.

Time can be adjusted for an entire age group depending on the number of teams entered vs. the time allotted.  Please note, the clock is set immediately after the conclusion of the match played prior and starts running 2 minutes. The teams must clear the area and the next two teams need to be prepared as the clocks will not stop to wait until teams are ready.  If teams are ready early, they can start.  If they are not, they will lose time in their game.

Game Ball:  Every Team MUST have a ball to use for match play.

Cleats:  Rubber and molded studs are allowed.  No metal cleats are permitted.

Substitution Procedure
Substitutions are on the fly and may occur on an unlimited basis. Both players must be within the touchline and no more than a yard from their bench area when the substitution is made. When both players are on the field neither player may touch the ball. Infringement of this procedure may incur warning (Yellow Card) from the official.

Referee and other Officials
The Referee(s) shall be responsible for control of the game. The referee’s decisions regarding control are FINAL. There are no score clocks so the referee will keep the official time.

Match Play

  • There is no sliding permitted regardless of if it is a tackle or attempt at the ball.
  • When the ball goes out of bounds the game will restart with a throw in.
  • When the ball hits the ceiling above it will be an indirect kick directly below where the ball hit.
  • Goalkeepers can punt the ball if they choose, however – NO GOAL CAN BE SCORED DIRECTLY FROM A PUNT OR A GOAL KICK.
  • A Goal cannot be scored directly from a kickoff.
  • Everything else is common sense and according to FIFA as much as it can apply.

Bench and Team Area

Only players and coaches will be allowed onto the fields.  U8-U10 teams are between the 2 fields.  U11 and higher the teams will be on the non-curtain side.  Since space it tight we ask that teams have their bags lined up neatly and stay off bot h fields.  Pay attention.  After a game we ask that teams leave the area immediately and do not leave any garbage such as water bottles, tape, etc.  Please throw away all trash in garbage cans.  Please do not spit on the field. No Gum chewing.

Tournament Standings, Scoring, and Tie Breakers

  • Preliminary games are scored 3 points for a win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss.
  • Tie Breaker is Goal Differential but only a max of 4 per game one way or the other.
  • Goals Against


All coaches must keep “coaching from the sidelines” to a minimum.  If persistent infractions occur, the referee may stop the game and warn or caution the offending coach.  Harassment of players by a coach or parent will not be allowed.  All coaches and substitutes must remain within the designated bench area during play.

A player and/or a coach who has been ejected from a match shall not take any further part in that match and shall also be prohibited from participating in the next following game played by that team.  Coaches are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of their parents and families.  Let’s set a good example!

Our tournament Director also reserves the right to expel a player, parent or Coach from tournament play for gross violations of the laws of the game, the House, Rules, or damage to Ho Chunk Soccer property


In the event of a forfeit, the winning team will be awarded three points for the win. The victory will be recorded as a 4-0 score. No team having a forfeit loss may advance to the next round. Any team having a forfeit loss may be denied entry to future Winter Classic Tournaments.

COACHES are responsible for their parent and fan behavior and will be held accountable.


Maximum roster size for U8-U10: 14 and U11-U12: 16 and U13 and above is 18.

The Maximum roster size is common sense as coaches want to be able to manage their players and play time.  If a team goes over the maximum roster size we will not punish them but we do not recommend it.

Players can only be on one team in an age division.  A player can be on a roster in a different age group as well but must be with the same club.  A player cannot play in multiple age groups with different club teams.  The Player MUST be listed on all rosters he might play with at time of team registration.  A player cannot be added to a roster once the tournament begins.  In the case of an emergency the Director can allow a player to be added to a roster if it is necessary to preserve the tournament.  To avoid any negative situations please be sure players are all rosters within the club that they will play with or potentially play with.

League FLOW

As you may have ascertained from reading the League rules to this point, it is the intent of the Committee to keep this League on schedule.  This is a self-adjusting factor that all games will be ended no later than the starting time of the next scheduled game.  Know it in advance, appreciate it in advance, and understand it in advance.  Any time lost during a particular match, for whatever reason, will be at the time expense of that match, and not those that follow.  Also, be advised that the Tournament Committee has instructed all referees to deal with any intentional delay of game according to USSF rules.  Please let this rule keep us on schedule as intended and be aware that abusers are subject to the consequences.


Decisions of the League Committee are final, and the Committee shall have the authority to make any decision to ensure a successful tournament.  The Committee and the Midwest Wings Soccer Club shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or individual if the tournament is delayed or canceled in whole or in part.


Remember, this League is for the encouragement of fair play, good sportsmanship, and the development of superior soccer skills.  We ask that all coaches, players, and parents keep this in mind during their matches as well as those matches at which they may be spectators.  We would especially ask that you:

  1. Maintain respect for the referee and other officials; they are in control of the game, not you.
  2. Remember that running up a score against a weaker opponent serves no purpose.  A goal differential of higher than four still counts only as four in the tie-breaker tabulations.
  3. Act as you would wish others to act when visiting your tournament.